Instructor Bio



Kurtis is a supremely talented transition skater, combining speed and style on just about any ramp you can find. 

With over 4 years teaching skateboarding in the famous Bay66 skatepark Kurtis is very experienced teaching in all environments.


A rare case of power and control Kurtis is able to manoeuvre like few others on a mini ramp but is also well versed out of the skatepark.

Kurtis' skill and experience make him a fantastic choice for anyone looking to book in whether beginner or intermediate

Skate Profile

Age: 22

Stance: Goofy

Current Board set up: 8.5” deck, loose trucks, 55mm wheels

Skate style: Grinds, slides and reverts from all angles and speeds on a ramp.

Favourite Skateboarders: Oskar Rozenberg

Favourite Tricks: Heel Flips, 5-0 grind to fakie